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The Sandblast and Urban Camo Story

This page is a continuous work in progress.  We have hatched several new Sandblast combos this season and will be adding a gallery of combos in the near future.  This is the history of the Sandblast gene and the Urban Camo.


In 2006 we acquired a hatchling female Pewter from a breeder in the Pennsylvania area that stood out to us.  I knew this particular animal was nicer than most Pewters I had seen and that is why I didn't think twice about trading a couple of hatchling Pieds for her at the time.  During this time, Pewters were still considered a somewhat rare combo and were commanding a hefty investment, but we knew she was worth every penny.  

We spent two years feeding this Pewter female and bred her to one of our Pied males in the spring of 2008 and hatched the first Pewter het Pied babies later that fall. All three were males  but we kept all of them to ensure the success of producing Pewter Pieds once they were ready.

In the fall of 2009 we paired all three Pewter het Pied males with one Pied female and the original 2006 Pewter female.  During this time I was on tour with my band and our collection was in the care of our good friend Clint Bartley of Bartley Reptiles.  In October of 2010 while in the care of Clint, we hatched the World's first Pewter Pied from one of our female Pieds......and the World's first Urban Camo, Sandblast Sterling, and Sandblast Super Pastel, only we didn't think anything of it at the time. 

Fast forward to 2012 just after I came off the road and moved the collection back home.  Having held back several animals from 2009, 2010, and 2011, we hatched the World's first Sterling Pieds, Sandblast Pewter het Pied and Sandblast Savannah Pewter.  At this point we realized we had a new gene causing the pattern disruption but we knew we still had work to do with the gene.  During this season we also hatched the second Urban Camo that also concluded this combo could be reproduced. 

During the years since, we have produced several amazing Sandblast combos such as Pewter, Sterling, Killer Pied, Mojave Pied, and Urban Camos to name a few, proving the gene is legitimate.   From our determination it acts as a dominant gene and is passed on in the first breeding.  A couple of close friends have also produced their first Urban Camo babies in the 2017 season, from animals that were acquired from Osborne Reptiles.  This again provides proof the Sandblast gene is the key to the Urban Camo. 

For those wanting the recipe for Urban Camo, here are the ingredients:


*Super Cinnamon

*Pastel/Super Pastel

*Het Pied

In conclusion, while we do understand the importance of importing new genes to expand the future of the hobby, we have never imported any animals.  We operate on a very closed collection and work with a select few breeders we know and trust, for new blood in our projects.  There is only one line of Sandblast, and it originated here at Osborne Reptiles.  We continue our dedication to this project and we're only limited by our imagination. We are working on several new Sandblast and Urban Camo projects including Banana Urban Camos and Savannah Camos.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get instant updates on the latest news.

Original 2006 Sandblast Pewter
Original Sandblast Pewter
2008 Pewter het Pied
Original Urban Camo, Sandblast Sterling, and a Silver Bullet(2010).
Original Urban Camo and a 2012 Urban Camo Silver Bullet
A clutch of Savannah Pewters with a beautiful Sandblast.
2012 Sandblast Pewter het Pieds
2017 OD Sandblast Pewter het Pied
2017 OD Sandblast Pewter het Pied
2017 Banana Sandblast Sterling het Pied
And Sandblast Sterling het Pied
2017 Sandblast Killer Pied
2015 Urban Camo het Pied
2017 Urban Camo 66% het Pied
2020 Banana Urban Camo 
Mojave Urban Camo
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